Jan 8, 2013

hotties of baseball

it's tuesday and i vow it will be a good day!

i've got beans soaking to be cooked tonight

i've got on orange tights

i made a strawberry banana smoothies this morning for breakfast and bill scraped the frost off my car.

i totally wasn't in the mood yesterday to share my awesome work day trip last friday

i'm a cost accountant - i'm pretty involved with production - so this was a perfectly acceptable trip...

i've actually never been to the slugger museum and bat factory

- see - factory - it was a cost learning experience for me...


a really good excuse to check out the "hotties of baseball exhibit"

i find this a bit questionable, but i'm assuming this was hot back in the day.  i would be wondering why bucky was wearing my shorts.
and this...

i guess i have a different definition of hottie...

shout out to joey votto...who isn't even the hottest reds player there is...  (oh, and that's the field of dreams...if you're wondering why there's fake corn stalks)


so disappointed not to see my favorite reds player on display

mr zack cozart... i still miss seeing him at the louisville bats' games...  :(

and then there was also this

a shout out to mustaches in baseball - because that's hot?...

but who knew stephen foster wrote a whole song devoted to mustaches.  now that's pretty awesome.

after we perused the goods, we went on the tour of the factory where they were making MLB spring training bats.

spring training!  in like a month and a half.

i can't wait.

it's going to be a good day.

just keep looking on the bright side, right?

and remember...

pregnant mermaids.

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