Jan 11, 2013

meal plan friday



anyone else catch the office last night?

anyone else still scratching?

since finishing bill's scarf i've been trying to decide what to knit next.  i bought a beautiful ball of cherry red wool that i was eager to make myself a hat with

but then i couldn't for the life of me find my needle gauge.  i cast on to a pair of needles i thought was close.

it was a disaster.

i'm pretty sure the needles were too big and i was going to have a hat big enough for an elephant.  or the pattern was way way off.

so i frogged it

and i'll be headed out on lunch to pick up another gauge...maybe some new yarn too.

other than knitting, i've been busy coming up with my meal plan for the next 7 days.

and learning from last week i knew to leave a few days unplanned to leave room for eating leftovers.

so week 2 of january meal plan:

B:  smoothie
L:  originally we had planned to be in cincinnati for the day - that plan is scrapped, so we'll still plan on a late lunch early dinner out
D: snack- popcorn, pretzels, cereal and almond milk

B:  pancakes
L:  smoothie
D: Potato Soup - it just sounds good for a rainy weekend

B:  smoothie
L:  leftover soup
D:  skillet parmesean and zucchini with salad

B:  smoothie
L:  PB&J with carrots
D:  bean burritos (recipe from week 1 that never got made)

B:  smoothie
L: leftovers
D:  big ol' salad
B: smoothie
L:  romaine salad
D:  tuna noodle casserole with veggies

B:  smoothie
L:  leftovers
D:  my night to cook with bill and i've come up with something new to try

i ordered a new to me cookbook full of italian recipes.

bill and i both love italian food.

so i thought it would be fun to learn how to cook authentic italian food together

and our first dish will be

giusi's ragu

not exactly veggie friendly - but since it's our one night to really cook together i'm all for it.

i think for our first attempt we'll serve it over spaghetti -  and since it takes 3 hours to simmer, i'm thinking i'll have some hummus and veggies to snack on - as well as a bottle of wine ready to help us cook :)

this recipe can be doubled/quadrupled so if all goes well we can make ahead and freeze since there are a couple other recipes that use this sauce in them.

my goal is to cook one recipe from this book once a week (tuesday or friday nights)

here's to happy forks!

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