Jan 28, 2013

the one with the fennel

can we just go back

and re-live the weekend one more time

it was just...


friday was spent cooking...per resolutions

and bill and i discovered we are not fans of fennel

fennel seeds we were fine with - the pork tenderloin was rubbed with a honey, garlic, and fennel mixture - which turned out really well

the fennel bulb - well...i've never cooked before

for your reference this is what the whole plant looks like
image found here

and while i sliced the bottom bulb in pieces i was skeptical

it had a sickeningly sweet smell

i then steamed the pieces in the microwave and thought there could be hope

the fennel was then to be covered with a mascarpone and breadcrumb mixture and baked

i mean - anything covered in dairy and crumbs should be good right?


i mean it wasn't unedible

but i definitely wasn't enjoying the flavor either.

bill and i filled up on pork and called it a night - i had to throw out ALL of the cooked fennel :(

if anyone has a good fennel recipe or can suggest where to try excellent fennel - i'd be game to try again...but this...no...it didn't work for me.

and because we're  just too cool for our own good

yes, we keep our couch covered at all times unless we have company.  and i might be considering getting plastic to cover it with.  help me.

bill let me remove his blackheads

i'm obsessed.

i know.

gross, right?

but i couldn't sleep at night not knowing if bill's blackhead situation was worse than mine

actually, we both have normal skin - we had equal amounts of the normal amounts of blackheads to be had - whatever that is.

oh, and sidebar - i've used my clarisonic face brush like 5 times now, and i'm OBSESSED. omg, save your monies and invest in one of these.  my skin is brighter and softer already - and any blemishes i had last week are gone - bye bye! it's fantastic.  and i love it. and i want to wash everyone's face with one to prove my point. but i won't because i only have one scrubby brush.  but trust me.  just do it.  you'll love me forever and include me in your will because it will change your life for forever.


moving on

besides obsessing over skin care

we had a youtube night

i don't think i mentioned this last week when we discovered we could do this

and if this is totally old technology, i apologize -

but there's a youtube app on the playstation which prompted us, or told us we could connect with our other devices using a code

so we paired the kindle and the ipad up with the playstation app

and bill and i are able to wirelessly take turns picking videos to play and watching them on tv

youtube night is on a whole new level now.

and to recap friday night - we are clearly lame and don't like fennel

saturday night we hung out with our DINK friends.

DINK = dual income no kids

and you'd think us DINKs would be living it up



we had taco night and played cranium.
Jeff is looking quite skeptical of whatever bill just drew...

 we also played battle of the sexes

and then we were all bloaty from the tacos.

we passed around the beano

not really

but next time it will be readily available.

and despite a relatively low key night

all we wanted to do sunday was sleep in

8:30 is sleeping in for us...

and even then we can't get away with it since one of the animals usually puts a stop to it

sunday morning it was olivia, the girrrrrl (kitty) who pounced and let us know it was time to get up

coffee was enjoyed

as well as kroger sushi in the edge

laugh all you want

but kroger has some awesome sushi

and it's pretty portable

we ran around town for a bit, stopped by the in-laws - i received some knitting needles from the MIL who used to knit while they were in scotland - can never have too many needles!

and then we called it a day and headed home.

and now it's boring ole monday.

right now it looks like we're headed to a basketball game tonight

so i can already tell you tomorrow's post is going to start with

"i'm so tired"

i hope you had a great weekend!

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