Jan 14, 2013

knitting and cooking

it's back to work

but thankfully it was a great rainy weekend

cooking and knitting and a bit of shopping got done

i tackled eggplant parmesan for the first time using this recipe

cheesy goodness indeed!

bill and i made this together - i got him started on the flour, egg, breadcrumb baths for the slices of eggplant

and i fried the little slices up - we then assembled the pieces, enjoyed some wine while the whole dish cooked, and then chowed down.

this made a LOT.  eggplant is very meaty and filling, but i was worried how well the leftovers would be.

i had another slice saturday night and i promise this keeps very well in the fridge!  i was worried the whole dish would go soggy. but that wasn't the case.

bill and i had gotten in the habit of going out to eat every friday night and then head to target to pick up unnecessary items.

it was really nice to spend time cooking in the kitchen and just staying home to enjoy...well...our home!

woodford was grateful

saturday we had a few errands to tackle - which meant

starbucks was needed.

errands + coffee = more fun and caffeinated!

aside from needing to pick up a check from the consignment store, i needed to price frozen fruit and bananas at sams club, take my engagement ring in to get sized, shop some sales (bought nothing), annnnnd

check out a local yarn shop

to get inspired by some fibers

i just wish i hadn't showed up while they were having their knitting group.

i was interested in really looking at yarn - but it was too crowded and the tables were keeping me from even getting to some of their product. :(  i had hopes to find some pretty sock yarn but that got nixed

but i did find some lovely spud and chloe yarn

in waterslide to knit the sweater featured above

for a wee baby boy

it's my first attempt at a sweater - so i warned the mommy that this might turn out horrible but it was made with love and good intentions and that i only need to see a picture of it on him once :)

the pattern is knitting up very quickly and right now all i have left are the sleeves, piecing, ribbing around the collar, and adding buttons - maybe another 2 nights of work.

i'll take some prettier pictures tonight or tomorrow - the color is gorgeous - maybe not very manly - but very springy - i'm hoping to find some cool buttons to put on it - something hipster-y - maybe even stitch on some elbow pads.

tiny clothes are so cute.

IF...a big IF...this goes well, i would love to knit bill or myself a sweater or cardigan.

i'm just scared of big projects because they take so much longer to knit and stick with.  i should probably just go for it and knit smaller projects at the same time to keep myself distracted and engaged at the same time.

and don't get me started on the price of yarn.  buying lots of yarn for a big project scares me and my checking account.

and the best thing to soothe knitting worries, as well as fuel more knitting


specifically bacon crumbles that go in potato soup.

i made this sunday - a day filled with more knitting and lots of football.  it rained hard all day, so it just made sense to hang out indoors.

and now...i'm hanging out indoors all day due to work

but at least i have leftover soup

i hope you had a great weekend!

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