Jan 3, 2013

week 1 of resolutions

lunch today consisted of:

banana yarn.  fibrous!

hopefully by next week bill will have a new scarf.

yesterday i made the broad statement that i don't do resolutions and then proceeded to list off a few.

i guess resolutions never really stuck for me  because i either say them or think them and then a few months later i'm in complete denial i ever committed to such things.

so,i was thinking if i posted my commitments to change - and vowed to follow up - weekly?

i might be more apt to sticking to it.

i also decided that instead of making super concrete resolutions, it would be better if i made more fluid, adaptable resolutions so that failure is less of an issue - and focusing on trying is the point.

so, without further ado, my 2013 resolutions:

1. i'm trying very hard to eliminate artificial sweeteners.  last night i sweetened my tea with honey and today i've had nothing but a fruit smoothie (naturally sweet) and water to drink.  i did drink a glass of sprite zero last night - but again - i'm TRYING and not focusing on all or nothing.  it's probably going to take awhile since i am a diet coke junkie.

2.  homemade meals and eating out less.  ya'll i love to cook.  and i also love to wine and dine.  but i know if bill and i want to travel as well as prepare for the future we have to not eat out all weekend long.  it's tough though.  bill works an opposite schedule than i do - and we're still trying to find out the best way to grocery shop so we can eat healthy meals when we're not both there to prepare and eat together.  right now smoothies, salads, and premade veggie salads that keep in the fridge are helping.  our real issue is the weekend - we're on the go go go and stopping for lunch or dinner at new restaurants always seems fun.  our flexible goal is to limit eating out to saturday date night. 

3.  cooking with my husband.  this goes hand in hand with #2, but i really enjoy when bill helps me cook.  no, he doesn't know the difference between a tablespoon and teaspoon, and his culinary masterpiece is a baked potato.  but dangit it's the best potato i've ever had.  and there's something to be learned by us both when we help cook a meal.  mainly i learn to not be a control freak and the way bill boils noodles is ok.  it would also be nice to show bill how to load the bread machine so i'm not pulling out bread at 10 pm. 

4.  i'm going to clean out our closet.  i WILL.  i just don't want to.  i don't know if there's any flexible easy ways around this one except to just dedicate a weekend to doing so.  luckily i'm married to a slightly OCD man.

5.  save more money.  right now we only save money with a purchase or trip in mind.  i would really like to just start saving money every week.  our pay schedules are opposite, so i think it would be easy for one of us each week to contribute to the money pot.  right now i would like for one of us to contribute $10-50 on their pay week.  i think once we get our grocery spending in line and our eating out reduced we should be able to contribute more to the money pot - but small steps- right?

6.  get back to running seriously.  i don't know.  i think i've been burnt out.  i've been disheartened and frustrated.  i want to run, and i want to run happy, but negative thoughts always fill my mind and make it difficult to not just quit.  my goal is to run.  run for fun.  not sign up for a race until i'm ready - no more pressure training.  i'm going to run 2 or 3 miles and "sight see" around the neighborhood a few times a week.  no pressure to get in 5 runs a week and one long run - just start small and i'm hoping i grow back into loving the sport.

7.  finish more projects.    specifically knitting and sewing.  i get in such a pinterest lull that i don't actually ever create.  there will be less browsing and more pattern seeking with intentions.  i'm a pretty slow knitter - i have to watch my hands as i go - so i'm not sure how to quantify this resolution except to always have a project on the needles that i've picked up more than once a week.

so 7 lucky resolutions - i'm 95% committed to :) - wiggle room.

1. no artificial sweeteners
2. more home cooking/less going out
3. cook more with Bill
4. clean closet
5. save money
6. run happy
7. knit more

i guess my unspoken #8 resolution is to check back once a week as to whether or not i upheld these 7 commitments.

so for week 1 of 2013

  1. trying really hard - but cheated a few times
  2. new year's weekend new meals were cooked for dinner
  3. bill helped me make yummy granola bars
  4. uhm yeah. no
  5. i get paid tomorrow and my plan is to start then
  6. i had good intentions, but i've stayed up too late to get up early.  tomorrow!...maybe
  7. i'm killing this one this week.

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