Jan 17, 2013

week 3 of resolutions

i had high hopes of displaying my finished good

unfortunately i didn't finish the second sleeve until bout 9:55 last night, and by the time i googled how to seam a sweater i was too tired to put the needed effort into finishing the baby cardigan.

so now i have a pressed dismembered baby cardigan.

tonight is the night i finish! 

i'm also itching to go buy more yarn to knit another.  or make some socks.  or i guess i could make baby owen a hat to match his cardigan!  or i guess i could follow through with putting little elbow patches on this one...

decisions decisions...

speaking of

what decisions did i make for week 3 of resolutions?

my original goals were

1. no artificial sweeteners
2. more home cooking/less going out
3. cook more with Bill
4. clean closet
5. save money
6. run happy
7. knit more

and this is how i've been doing

1.  i still haven't 100% kicked the habit.  i'm still wanting a diet sprite with dinner and we had lunch out one day this week where i wanted diet peach sprite with my meal.  other than that my coffee is still sugar/artificial sweetener free.  EXCEPT.  i've been adding creamer to my coffee which is full of hydrogenated oils.  i've basically traded one evil for another.  maybe i can just switch to vanilla almond milk in my coffee?  i'm going to try it.  i've also developed a habit of having an evening coffee while knitting - which is making me wired!  i desperately need to pick up more decaf and/or get a nice herbal evening tea to sip.  BUT - my best accomplishment is not having a diet coke at work every day - actually i haven't bought one at all!  hooray!

2&3.  oh man - this has been such a good resolution!  bill and i are cooking so much more.  and actually eating our leftovers! bill is a smoothie making machine - which is being hindered by the fact that our ice maker stopped working yesterday!  we haven't had a full ice bucket in months and i just thought it was because we use a lot of ice.  well when our ice bucket was empty for over a day i knew something was wrong.  i've called to have it fixed - but they won't be out until MONDAY!  we'll be purchasing some bagged ice to get us through such depravity.   but on the cooking front, we've made potato soup, broccoli salad, eggplant parmesan - and it's all been so tasty.  but in an effort not to waste leftovers i haven't been cooking all the things i've set out to.  again i need to evaluate how much a recipe makes and how many leftover meals we can make out of it so i don't over buy produce for the week.  i also purchased a new cookbook - meatless meals by martha stewart.  there are several interesting meals i can't wait to try.  i'm really running out of meatless dishes that don't rely on noodles so much.  ALSO (i'm rambling) i've noticed our grocery bill has gone down - and it's from planning alone.  we're not buying lots of snacks, we're going in with a plan (and coupons) and coming out with only what we need.  i've also noticed we snack less - because we're making actual meals and not grazing all day. 

4.  no.  i need to be shamed into doing this i guess.

5.  i get paid on friday and plan on depositing some money into my savings!  i'm thinking about calculating how much money we would normally spend on eating out and putting that money into the savings account too - each time we chose to stay in.

6.  i don't wanna talk about it :(  i haven't ran happy all week.  i did start wearing my nike plus fuel band again - and the fact that i've maintained my (easy) goal, makes me want to get out and beat my record every day.  so there's that...

7.  i'm clearly surpassing this goal with flying colors.  i just think it's my passion right now.  i have lots of hobbies and right now this one is burning up!  come spring i'm sure i'll flip flop goals 6 & 7 - but for now i'm just going to roll with it and get lots of knitting projects completed.  tonight i sew up the seams!  and this weekend i buy more wool!

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