Jan 2, 2013

welcome 2013!

day 2 of 2013 is only slightly better than day 1

i was suffering from a migraine all new years morning

and of course today i'm back at work.

time off from work never seems long enough

but i tried to make the most of it

by playing with new toys

playing outside with the woodford

enjoying the pretty snow that had fallen

trying not to fall on my ass as i shuffled through the neighborhood

and i really enjoyed the extra time to cook actual meals for bill and myself

egg dish with spinach and brussels sprouts slaw
 poor woodford tries so hard to sneak a bite...

i even had time to pick out patterns, shop, and begin knitting projects

multiple knitting projects!

i've made the most progress on this herringbone scarf for bill.  100% wool should make for a very cozy scarf.

new years eve was spent pretty low key

cuddle time was consumed

and ice cream was needed...and marshmallows...


a marshmallow gun.  which completely terrified woodford.

i wanted to stay up so bad.  it was 11:30 and i was almost there...

we decided to watch the ball drop in bed

and at 11:50 i was sawing logs.


and despite an irritating migraine

i managed to help bill clean up the christmas decorations

how sad is the spot the tree inhabited?  i'm pretty bummed the walls seem so bare.

but i think this means i need a new piece of furniture here (we used to have a bookcase here, but i'd rather have another chair)

and that was my exciting new years weekend.

but it felt nice to get a lot of things accomplished as well as cook and knit.

as for resolutions i'm not big on making those.

bill and i have made a loose agreement on staying healthy

sign up for a few races, eat more greens, and eat out less.

our fridge is stocked with lots of romaine, spinach, and kale.  i had a spinach smoothie for breakfast and packed a salad for lunch.

2 days in and i'm on track.

we've also decided to stick to making our own bread and bill has resolved to lay off the potato chips and stick with popcorn.

2012 was a great year for bill and i, but i'm looking forward to 2013 and some exciting things are in our future!

happy new year everyone!

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