Dec 28, 2012

Good Tidings

good tidings, thank goodness it's friday!

let's get down to business

1.  i am very thankful that my aunt is ok after a semi-serious fall the sunday before christmas.  we spent the day in the ER, and she has some pretty staples in her head - but luckily it wasn't worse and it was caused in part to new medication and light headedness. 

2.  thank goodness i have bill.  after hanging out at what is easily the worst emergency room in all of louisville and not having enough boxes or bags to wrap presents on christmas eve, and discovering the stores were sold out of everything.  i had a mini breakdown. 

 and bill opened his presents right out of the bags i purchased them in

bless his heart.  and buffalo trace.

3.  my aunt lisa hosted a wonderfully casual christmas lunch despite her recent injury.  and there are many reasons i appreciate her - one being that the lady can find a kate spade bargain and share :)

4.  after not being able to spend a single day at home relaxing on my days off - i was very thankful i got in a bit of this

woodford is clearly trying to push me off the couch so he can snuggle with his daddy, but on a cold night i just try and tuck my legs under the furry heat lamp and pretend i'm comfortable.

5.  there's lots of things i'm thankful for and proud of and blessed with - but when those blessings are hard to recognize - it's best to just make some homemade bread

 nothing makes me happier than some flour, salt, and yeast mixed together

and then i remember it's about all the small simple stuff added together
makes a pretty tiny but ABSOLUTELY delicious loaf
that makes something big and wonderful

have a safe remaining 2012 and celebrate responsibly ringing in 2013.  

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