Dec 17, 2012

my favorite things

when the dog bites!
when the bee stings! 
when i'm feeeeeeling baddddd
i simply remember my favorite thinggggggs

and then i don't feeeeeeel
soooooo baaaaaaaad!


anyone else completely obsessed with the sound of music as a child?  i owned it on vhs - it was a 2-vhs movie and i basically only watched the first vhs on repeat - i honestly had forgotten the whole nazi part of the second half...

anyone else also watch grease 2 on repeat?  i actually liked it better...


clearly i liked musicals...

moving on..

my favorite things...

kind of like old school oprah.

except i'm not giving you any of these things...

and no one gets a new car.


but if you're in a stitch for a gift...for me (my birthday is this week)

or for someone else

hopefully these are some great suggestions.

for the homemaker/wannabe chef:

i am kitchen gadget obsessed - and there are definitely gadgets i would recommend over others

first being:
Le Creuset Gifts for the Entertainer

enamelware.  feel free to buy $300 le creuset cookware, but my cusinart ones from tj maxx (gifted to me last year) are just fine.  world market even has their own brand 50% off today. 

at the very least get a dutch oven - so versatile

next - i am really wanting a couple of silpat baking mats

i love non-stick

and if you're looking to go out with a bang i would recommend either
 a single cup brewing system - it has changed my life.  and i love coffee even more.

i could not live without my rice cooker.  rice, grains, beans, veggies, oatmeal - i love cooking with it.  sure you COULD do a lot of stuff with a crockpot - but the technology in a rice cooker is more complex and just does a better job.  promise.

for the athletic/outdoorsy/resolution making friends:

socks are important.  trust me.  if you're just starting out walking or running socks will probably save your life.  (truth be told i don't usually wear socks when i run, but i'm weird - and i have started wearing these - they are phenomenal)

smartwool socks can be pricey, but unless you want to be off your game for a week with blisters - invest in 2 or 3 pairs and thank me later - or have your recipient thank you later

also - it's cold out, well i guess it was in the 50's this weekend...but it might get colder out... or maybe when you first go out to run it feels cold but you warm up quickly -

unless you like throwing away several layers or hoping to loop back and pick up layers you've shed

get a neck gator.  i picked mine up at bass pro for $10 and it's been my favorite cold weather running investment.

i get hot after a couple of miles and this is easy to pull down around my neck to cool me off and just as easy to pull back up over my mouth, nose, and ears when i get cold again.

for the person who just wants to snuggle on christmas eve in something cozy:

i had a long run with victoria's secret.

i'm over it.  i feel too old to have sparkly bras.  and lounge wear with PINK written across it.  if your recipient isn't over this phase - don't look any further...

but if she is...

and wants to look a step up better than:

gingerbread covered fleece pj's

please head over to

their nightgowns are ridiculously soft and comfortable and beautiful

i picked up this exact one the other night...and i could live in it


if you like to be comfortable when you get home, but also may need to take the dog out

you're going to need some rubber-bottomed slippers

well...I NEED some rubber-bottomed slippers
 Women's Cai Slipper
and i want these from target.  because...they could potentially make a trip to the grocery store if needed.

and i love that they're lined with soft faux fur.

what's on your wish list this year?

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