Dec 17, 2012

weekend update!

monday again?

it's a casual work week and i'm hoping people start taking the rest of the week off - it's kind of refreshing to be at work when it's really quiet. 

and taking long lunches all week to finalize christmas shopping will be nice too.

most of my shopping is done, but i need to find a few stocking stuffers for bill and gifts for the animals :)

and speaking of animals..

i was THIS close to coming home with one saturday

this little beagle girl is breaking my heart.  bill says no, but i'm pretty sure she needs me.

i have a special place in my heart for beagles - but i know living in a condo with one rambunctious dog already is no place to bring another dog into - this little girl was at the petsmart on hurstbourne saturday, but i'm not sure which rescue group she was with.  i can promise you that if you were considering a pet for a present this holiday season that beagles make great family dogs.  and while they do need a good walk everyday - they are content to lay on your lap and watch tv too.

ugh.  ok. heart broken over not being able to adopt her, but i'm praying she finds a home for christmas.

i also almost came home with this saturday:

i desperately need a piece of furniture in the bedroom, and i love the color.  the price is 225, but i think i might be able to get it down to 175.  my only concern was that i need a functional piece of furniture that would also hold a 32" flat screen - not sure if this is it.  i do love the mirror on it - even though there are a couple of spots where the glass is distorted - not sure if that's fixable or if i care.

i had taken some items to consign recently - and needed to pick up my check ($47!) but they were having trouble finding my check - which meant i had to shop while they looked....annnnd i was tempted to spend my check plus some.

i restrained (for now...i'm still considering the dresser) and only left with

this pillow made from an old feed bag - it has two horses on it - and i just thought it was really cool (and $12)


i came home and was thankful for the animals i have been able to rescue

like this mass of a kitty that i know never gets enough attention on the blog.  woodford steals the show.  but deep down i will always be a cat person.

got cleaned up and headed out to dinner with my best friend

a year ago saturday bill proposed, and even though i remembered the date i had forgot that's what the day was

the cork from the bottle of wine we drank that night
we went to the bluegrass brewing company for dinner

we split a few seasonal beers and shared some seitan buffalo wings and bean burritos

while admiring the wall o'pints

if you're in the louisville area i would recommend the BBC for dinner for any occasion.

their food is out of this world with many vegan/vegetarian friendly creative dishes.

oh, and their beers are wonderful :)

at about 9 o'clock we called it a night.

because we had a big day of reading the newspaper and watching the cbs sunday morning show ahead of us

woodford makes quite a mess daily in the living room
but honestly the news is just too depressing to watch or read.  i just can't even put in to words my sadness of the sandy hook school shooting.  the news is always so depressing to watch anyways, but this weekend it was multiplied.  i tend to watch the cbs sunday morning show since they do fun stories and interview fascinating people - and keep a lot of the stories lighter - but there was no avoiding it - i had to turn off the tv

so to try and add some good in this world - we did our senior tree shopping.  a senior tree is a lot like an angel tree, but for seniors living in nursing homes.  my recipient wanted socks, a knit hat, sugar free candy, and bath products.  an hour plus at walmart bill and i had done our good deed.  if you're interested in the senior trees at wal-mart - today is the last day to drop of your items.

and while we were out i picked up some christmas card addressing supplies

my hand was cramping after addressing just a handful - hopefully we can mail them out tomorrow - we're cutting it a bit close!

bill and i capped off our weekend with a friendly coloring competition

these pages might have been stolen out of our nephew's christmas coloring book.  sorry wesley!  i'll buy another!

i pray you had a safe weekend and were able to create your own good and happiness!

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