Dec 27, 2012

kitchen addiction

i'm the first to admit i have a kitchen gadget problem

i will never feel completely satisfied until my kitchen is fully stocked

and then i will need to move into a house outfitted with a magazine ready kitchen

it's my favorite part of the house.  it's where everyone congregates

i love cooking and baking and....obviously...eating

but my kitchen is missing something

let's see

rice cooker, stand mixer, food processor, bread machine, toaster oven, keurig....


i'm missing something

a blender.

but not just any blender

i need a vitamix

Creations II

 it's basically the Bentley of blenders

and when i convince myself that i can just go get a nice blender in the 100-150 range...i start reading reviews on amazon

leaks, doesn't blend thoroughly, chunky smoothies...

i'm convinced i need a vitamix.

go big or go home right?

i just cannot justify the cost (400 and upwards)

but i mean - it also has 2 HP...i'm doing the tim allen tool time grunt while i type this...

someone please recommend a nice less expensive blender that will blend realllllly well -

i'm itching to go to williams sonoma and just do it

talk me down from this ledge!

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