Dec 2, 2012

christmas came early!

i'm at work this morning


our year ended Dec. 1st and with standard cost accounting we roll our current (2012) costs to standard cost for 2013

so that's what i'm doing now.

i got my first christmas present yesterday

i then asked bill if i was going to get a gift everyday of december!

and he said no...

but bless his heart he was so proud of his purchase and excited for me to open it he couldn't wait

and i'm glad he was impatient

i love my new kindle!

i'm still in the process of learning how to use it

bill and i both have iphones and we have an ipad so being conditioned to one product line it takes a bit of a learning curve to figure out the differences

i haven't downloaded any new books, but all my previous purchases showed up once i logged in with my amazon account

the first noticeable differences between the ipad and the kindle

the kindle is smaller - but that's what i wanted.  the ipad was just a little awkward to hold and read for a long period of time with.  i tried out the ipad mini (even though the price point for what i wanted was more than i was willing to pay (or have bill gift me :)  ) - i still wanted to see how it felt in my hands) and it was too big to be an ereader and accomplish what i wanted. i also used the kindle app on my apple products - 1. because the reading app was better and 2. because it's cheaper to use amazon than to purchase ebooks through itunes.  so i was sold on the amazon product over the barnes and noble product right away.

amazon is amazing - i have a free 1 month trial of amazon prime - but i've already subscribed to renew my subscription for 2013.  amazon prime allows you to check out books and movies for free as well as receive 2 day shipping.  (technically you don't have to have a kindle to receive a free month's trial or sign up for the service, but i would have never have discovered and signed up without being gifted the kindle)  and amazon's online store might not be as sexy as itunes - but it offers the same thing.  and from my experience it's cheaper.  the martha stewart living magazine i was getting on the ipad for $1.99 a month is $1.54 a month through amazon.

the ipad still has my heart when it comes to internet browsing.  the screen is just so much better because of the size.  so if you were wanting to replace a laptop for internet browsing - i would point you towards a tablet like the ipad or the larger kindle.

what about the screen?  the kindle has an HD screen.  ipad has a retina display on the newer versions - but i'm going to say i like the kindle's HD screen better.  it seems crisper.

and connectivity?  kindle has a dual band, dual antenna for 40% faster connectivity - which after streaming a movie yesterday it was definitely fast.  no slow "thinking" times that i've had with the ipad.

sound.  oh man.  there are two speakers on the kindle fire hd.  and it gets loud.  maybe too loud.  i had never really thought about sound on the ipad since i don't watch a lot of movies on it - but when i did stream thor yesterday on the kindle it was loud - surround sound-like and it was awesome.  i say it might be too loud because - when do you need it to be that loud?  maybe in the future when we're playing a movie in the car we might want it louder.  but if you want an ereader that has amazing video capability - this is definitely it.

storage.  both the ipad and kindle that we have holds 16GB.  i think the ipad is pretty much at full capacity and we took a lot of the synced songs off of it.  the great thing with amazon and the kindle - all of your amazon purchases can be stored in the cloud for free!  any other non-amazon purchases can also be stored in the cloud - and you have an automatic 5 GB of storage.

so if you're interested in gifting yourself or a loved one an ereader or tablet ask yourself these questions:

what is this primarily used for?  reading books? internet browsing? is the tablet replacing a laptop? do you need to be able to work on word or excel?  document scanning?  a combination of things?  the ereaders today can do it all.  but if the tablet/ereader is replacing a laptop and needed for more internet browsing/work i would say a larger tablet is better.

what are your price points?  apple is nice.  but it's expensive.  if there were more tablets available when we bought our ipad we probably wouldn't have bought an ipad - but the apple products are so easy to use - and i do love ours.  there are many tablets available now at all price ranges - and the ereaders which are pretty much wi-fi only, but do a nice job of internet browsing when you are connected - are cheaper than the tablets.  there is a non HD version of the kindle fire which i've seen for up to $80 cheaper than the HD (black friday sale) and while the picture quality is noticeably different - it'll still work just fine for reading and browsing.

also think about where your content will be coming from.  are you loyal to itunes?  already have an amazon account?  do you use both?  clearly you can use amazon products for your apple products - but it's not product integrated.  using your itunes on another product is not an option. 

do you  like to customize your devices?  as an apple follower for many years now - i have never experienced the android system (what kindle runs on) and....i'm not going to lie.  i like the possible customization of it all on the kindle.  i feel very dumb trying to customize it - and it feels harder to learn and understand - but the end result means - you get your device to look the way YOU want it to.  not an option on the ipad/iphones.  at the same time the i-products are easy to understand.  my 70 year old grandma can work an iphone.

so there's the long short of it - and my honest opinion after experiencing both sides of the fence.

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