Dec 14, 2012

good tidings ya'll

it's friday!

sorry for my absenteeism - i took a few impromptu vacation days
but i'm checking in to list 5 joyous things about the week.

1.  i kind of finished a project!

i'm still waiting to apply another coat to my chalkboard frame - but i've since had fun decorating the did bill..

spot the dog nose!
coming up with a phrase i liked that was short enough was the most difficult part - but since i plan to put this in the kitchen -

 i thought this was appropriate

2.  seasonal weird foods!

i went to the grocery to stock up on more

cranberry soda!  i'm obsessed.

and i found

i don't even eat pop-tarts.  and i was reminded why - total sugar bomb - but these taste delicious as a massive dessert :)

i also discovered cinnamon sugar pringles - crazy!

3.  seasonal delicious foods!

these were in my green bean bin two weeks ago and i definitely wasn't about to let them go to waste

they were delicious - thank goodness bill helped me eat them or i would have ate the whole batch.

4.  i finished 2 items on my cookie making list!

well..technically not a cookie, but a cinnamon ornament

what they lacked in edibility they more than made up for in delicious smells

and to fill the unedible void:

 oreo bark.  mmm. 

5.  woodford can be crazy, but i am so happy to catch him like this

even if it is short lived

and as much as i love woodford and wish he was as crazy about me - he's bill's dog

he's slowly trying to push me out.

have a merry weekend!

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