Dec 11, 2012

i made a chalkboard

oh yeah!  time for an official "i made it" post!

i love goodwill.

in college we'd go and play dress up there

...i went to college in a very small town...

but every once in awhile you can find something really awesome - i've found an awesome jacket, a couple of ugly christmas sweaters, and many costume accessories.

yesterday on lunch i went thrifting

and if you've been to the state fair and were interested in winning the ugly lamp contest

i found a real contender here

ain't it....dainty...?

and if i knew more about bikes, i probably would have picked this up

i thought it might be nice to have a more road friendly bike, and this guy was $100 - but i'm not sure there were gears wired.

but my real mission was to find an old mirror/picture frame with a nice frame around it.

my inspiration?

pinterest ^

and my long lost friend's instagram feed (which was also pinterest fueled)

honestly - if laura hadn't tried this first i would still be admiring pinterest and sitting on my couch knitting.

i wish i had found as beautiful of a frame as laura, but i didn't.  (she found hers at an antique mall)  sure, i could also go buy a new frame....but i found this one

at goodwill

for $5.  i took apart the frame and discarded the art - anyone interested? - and lightly wiped everything down with a damp cloth.

i went to home depot to gather my supplies

per laura's recommendation i primed everything first

my kitchen became a makeshift garage - it was too cold and dark to make this an outdoor project - i recommend wet swiffering afterwards if you're in the same predicament to collect any paint particles that strayed.

i also wore my super warm and super-duper soft smart wool socks.  if you're local - head over to quest (st matthews) they have a bin of these socks marked down (regularly $12-22, now $7-9)

and my plan was to show you the finished product - which it is almost that - but

someone changed the lid on my gold-ish tint spray paint at the store- meant for the frame - it was actually a shiny silver.  i never even thought to double check the label on the spray paint with the color on the lid...duh.


i'm exchanging on lunch. and will finish tonight to show you guys

at least the chalkboard portion will be dry and ready for writing - which means i also need to pick up chalk...

total project cost?

$5 for frame
and about $13 for spray paint - still plenty leftover to be used on other projects

total =$18

plus an unexpected trip back to home depot...but oh well.

i still have plenty of chalkboard spray paint leftover - so if i ever find a beautiful frame i'll be ready to recreate

any other pinterest successes out there? goodwill finds?

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