Dec 4, 2012

knitting night in

back in the day

monday was just another excuse to go out

tuesdays i typically didnt have class or a heavy class schedule so monday night was fare game


i'm in a cozy spot on the couch with tacky socks, a dog butt, and my knitting work in front of me.

i cannot wait to show you my finished product on this one!  it's a gift like the other items i've knitted - so until i've gifted them i don't want to share.  but this work in process is going to be perfect if it ever gets cold enough to wear!  which with yesterday's high in the mid 70's - it may never happen.

i've really been on the ball (no pun) with knitting lately and i'm considering knitting a few items to be sold on etsy or via the blog. 

i'll keep up updated once i finish the gifts.

any knitters out there?  i would love to host a craft night at my place with food and wine.

tacky socks, christmas themed pj's and pinot all welcomed.

what craft projects are you working on?  any meant to be gifts?

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