Dec 3, 2012

weekend update

the weekend didn't even feel like a weekend

probably because i was working sunday

but i did get to host game night

i chopped up carrots and cucumbers and served pita chips along side spinach dip and hummus

 and used every conceivable pan imaginable to make pizza.

and it was yummy - i've got pizza making down to a science.

and our good friend nick brought over his partial collection of bourbon.  

i stuck to juice and clear alcohol.

after eating we played a little gestures - boys vs girls

and we discovered that the women are far superior at....all games.

even with woodford helping...

which he finally gave up on them and napped by the tree

and after gestures, taboo, and a short round of just dance (in which the girls won everything) everyone had grabbed a blanket and was falling asleep by the tree.

i fell asleep in the floor and when bill woke me up to get in bed - everyone had left.

you know you're old when your party breaks out in a giant nap.

i'm blaming the bourbon. 

i hope everyone had a restful weekend!

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