Dec 5, 2012

nostalgia has a price tag

good afternoon!

i feel like i've been running a marathon trying to wrap up year end.

all i've felt like doing when i get home is going comatose

and working more on my knitting

and admiring my husband...who, in december, is wearing shorts

and crocs with socks.

we fancy.

and we both sit with our gadgets.

because we're married now - and we need separate couches and separate tablets.

and in other news

i'm sitting at work browsing through what's on tv tonight

when i started thinking about christmas movies i was obsessed with back in the day

and i remembered this gem


please tell me i'm not the only person who was OBSESSED with all things mary-kate and ashley.  i love love loved this movie - i also had every detective movie they ever starred in - i couldn't get enough!

but back to to grandmother's house we go


i started checking amazon first to see if it was available to rent

it's not.

so i was like - well maybe i could buy it for a few dollars and get all nostalgic...

To Grandmother's House We Go Starring Ashley Olsen, Mary-kate Olsen, Rhea Perlman, et al. 

4 new from $86.96 2 used from $75.00

uhm - $75????

what.  in.  the.  heck?

is it a gold clad case edition?!

so i started checking other sites...

and ebay is claiming this is a rare item...

barnes and noble -

Seller since 2010
Feedback rating:
Condition: New
085392791620 This item is brand new. Please allow 4 - 14 business days for Standard shipping, within the US. Thank you for supporting our small, family-owned business!
Ships from: ACWORTH, GA
Usually ships in 1-2 business days

so basically - if anyone has a copy of this movie - do not get rid of it or try to sell it for less than $45


may i borrow it?

it's times like these i wish blockbuster was still around - you know they would have a special christmas display with all the "classics" available for rent - including this one.

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