Dec 7, 2012

good tidings!

oh man ya'll

it's the first friday in december.

and i've revised my wish list this year

and am now requesting santa bring me a canoe.

we got over an inch of rain last night and it's supposed to rain all weekend

so in an effort to stick in the vein of thankful november fridays and in a double effort to fight the rain funk

i present:

good tidings friday!

hipster woodford thought it was lame, but agreed to have his picture taken.

so 5 joyous items for the first full week of december

1.  have you noticed the new header?  it's one of the pictures from our "christmas card" photos. it's not the one that made our actual card this year - but i just love woodford's face in the picture and thought i would leave it up for the month.

bill and i are so lucky to have such great friends - including friends who will come over on a sunday morning to take our picture :)  thank you laura and drew!  i think the pictures turned out fantastic!

2.  maybe it's because i'm married now.  maybe it's because i'm not 22 anymore.  but i've wholly embraced the nightgown.  i haven't owned a nightgown since i was probably 5, and typically have opted for shorts and a t shirt.

somebody needs to clean their bathroom...
i had to run in walmart last night for some yarn to finish a project - and i perused the lounge wear when i saw this fleece number. fleece.  soft fleece.  it's awesome and cozy.  and not my first.  i have another i bought a couple of weeks ago.  it has a christmas cat on the front of it.  don't judge me. 

3.  i know i talked at length about my new kindle and amazon prime here - but seriously - i ordered a christmas present monday night (after 5 pm), it was waiting on my doorstep wednesday afternoon - free 2 day shipping...which really it was more like a day and a half!  also - i received an email yesterday stating i was getting a refund of $1.09 from my recent purchase.  i didn't know amazon had a price match garantee but they do on pre-order items and on post-order tv's.  yay! 

4.  yay birthday month!  my birthday is december 20th - which as an only child was amazing back in the day.  but now.  eh.  everyone lumps the celebrations together.  luckily one of my best friend's birthday is on dec 31st and completely understands - so we throw ourselves an ugly christmas sweater/birthday party every year.  but the real tidings of #4 on my list is the birthday gifts from retailers.

i usually only sign up for retailer's emails for the birthday discounts.  anthropologie sent me 10% off and i love that i'm going to get a mini lip duo from sephora. 

5.  and because it is december - the month for giving - please take a few minutes to read and donate.

a little girl, brooklyn, in my hometown of elizabethtown, KY is fighting childhood cancer.  while there are no "good tidings" associated with childhood cancer, i hope our contributions can help brooklyn's mom and dad worry one less worry over mounting medical bills and focus their thoughts and prayers on brooklyn making a full recovery.

if you would like to make other donations - may i suggest kosair children's hospital  (brooklyn's hospital)

and st. jude  one of my favorite organizations that raises money to prevent and cure pediatric diseases through research.

some lovely ladies i had the privileged of going to high school with and blog regularly are also selling bracelets with proceeds to benefit brooklyn - and these would make great stocking stuffers this christmas - they are trying their hardest to get them made and in the mail and are trying to gauge how many supplies to order, so if you are interested please let them know!

there are many things in this world that are upsetting and hard to deal with, but i think childhood cancer is number one.  if you cannot make a donation right now, can i please ask you to pray and keep this family in your thoughts as they will be dealing with something this christmas that no parent should ever have to.

thank you guys! 

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