Dec 6, 2012

holiday baking

was feeling festive last night

and made icebox cookies

per this recipe

i realize these say "coin cookies" in the title

but they were almost too small - like you could just eat the whole batch yourself small.

and that could have happened except that i froze 3/4 of my cookies.

if you want an easy cookie recipe to make ahead of time this is it - i also discovered that rolling the cookie logs on parchment paper make for a more even log

i also think the "using floss as a cookie cutter" trick would work better in this instance - instead of cookie coins i had cookie footballs.

a few more treats on my list for making this season include:

Oreo Cookie Bark
uhm.  hello.  white chocolate +oreos = easy and delicious.  i'm also dreaming up a peanut butter chip+inside out oreo version.  lookout world.

Ginger Cookies

Recipe photo
one of my favorite cookies since it's light on the sweet and big on the taste - this version is a but chewier than a gingersnap -

and probably pairs great with:

Gingersnap Dip

Gingersnap Dip Recipe
i made this dip a few weeks ago for the bourbon party and it was delicious - except for the fact that i would buy smaller cookies/graham crackers for dipping - eating a few whole cookies is a bit much.  but if i made the above cookie, or a traditional gingersnap cookie - i could shape them smaller in a stick shape - perfect for dipping.


this one's not for eating

but i really want the house to smell delicious

and i think bill would like to help me make some

cinnamon ornaments

i need to find some cheap dollar store cinnamon though.  there's no way i'm using my expensive cinnamon for this.

i thought these would be cute hung in our tree and tied onto gifts this year - don't you think?

ok so who's up for happy hour and pre-gaming friday tonight?  i need a break from year end.

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