Dec 21, 2012

good tidings ya'll

who all survived the zombie apocalypse?

glad we're all here

i think that deserves-

 a good tidings friday!  5 things that made me happy this week:

1.  we survived the world ending.  this time. 

2.  SNOW! we have a small dusting.

but it's still the first snow of the season so it counts.  i kind of hope we can get a few more flurries and not all the rain we've had the past week - it really helps make the season a bit more merry.

3.  wrapping party.  party of one. 

i actually only managed to get those two presents wrapped.  i hadn't used my cricut in awhile and i think i need a new blade and definitely a new sticky mat - the hairspray wasn't helping.

instead of bows - i thought i would put shapes on my gifts.  but with the quirky acting cutter - my wrapping party got delayed.  i think my shapes idea is going to turn out cute though!  check out those feet!  that gift is for a special lady pregnant with twins! - woodford is jealous.

4.  birthday drinks!

it was pint night at one of my favorite bars on my birthday - so a couple of coworker/friends and i stopped by after work.  if you order the pint of the night you get to take the glass home - i have a couple from the last pint night we went to - one day when bill and i have a bar space we will be set on glassware.

and bonus (even though i'm a total UK fan)

the UofL basketball team was dining at O'sheas - i tried to get a good picture...bummer..

5.  long weekend!  christmas is finally here!  i'm so excited!

our official christmas cards have been sent out and everyone on our mailing list should have received theirs by now. 

if i'm not back before christmas i hope you all have a merry holiday and enjoy your time off with loved ones.

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