Dec 10, 2012

weekend update

one more shopping weekend down

2 more to go

does everyone have their christmas shopping done?

mine is, for the most part, done - with a few small items left to pick up.

i'm also making a few gifts and those are almost done too.

slight snag in one of the gifts i made - woodford chew a hole through it.  luckily - it was a weekend knitting project and i think i have time to recreate it.

but now i have a giant pile of unwrapped presents laying next to my bed.  ugh.

saturday morning started off slow

like soup bowl full of coffee slow.

but once i was well caffienated

i went shopping

picking up a few christmas items

and stopping at liquor barn

because who doesn't like a little moonshine in their stocking?

and before gifting any new to me wines - i feel it's  my duty to sample.

there was a slight setback

despite a sunk cork

this wine was wonderful

so wonderful, in fact, that i almost broke into someone's gift

but i restrained.

don't worry recipient - your wine is safe.  for now.

and after a rain soaked evening indoors on the couch

i was ready to get back out sunday to look for my 4th christmas tree

bill thought it should be a buffalo bills themed tree.

he was vetoed.

i did find a pencil tree - but it was $99 and I'm not paying that much....we'll see if garden ridge marks them down after christmas and i will save it for next year.

we had then promised woodford that he could go visit santa paws

bless his heart he gets so excited to go on car rides

and once we were at feeder's with santa and all of the other puppies it was stimulation overdrive.

but woodford was more than happy to plop himself in front of the birds.

i mean

he is a bird dog after all.

but this is about the extent of his hunting.

and because he was such a good boy for santa

daddy bought him a treat

a reindeer antler.

well...we told him it was a reindeer...

it's actually from an elk.

elk and deer antlers have been popping up at the pet stores as an alternative chew toy for dogs.

they don't splinter like bones and despite their price tag (a large was close to $20) they last for a long time.

and woodford loves to chew.  so i don't mind spending money on something that will last

unlike stuffed toys that are mere minutes of fun.

the rest of the weekend was spent knitting and watching the newest spiderman movie

i honestly didn't care if i saw it

but i'm glad bill made me

it was really good - i even put my knitting down to watch.

i hope you're as excited as woodford is about christmas!

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