Jan 25, 2013

is it 5 yet?

there is ice on my windshield

my pores are de-blackheaded

...and somebody needs a hair cut - and i perhaps could be the next villain in a batman movie - biorface, patches, THE EXTRACTOR!

and despite the ice falling from the sky

i am at work


i miss the snuggles back at home

even if it meant being used as a seat cushion.

there is very little chance much productivity is going to get done today

i'm keeping an eye on the weather radar

and enjoying my HUGE smoothie

i've made my grocery list for tonight's meal

honey glazed pork tenderloin with fennel (i've never cooked with fennel...i have no idea what to expect)

and i've decided on a recipe for next week

so i'm not sure what the point of all this was...

so uhm...have a good weekend :)

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