Jan 15, 2013

wee cuteness

can we all just agree

itty bitty baby sleeves are the cutest

i didn't get both sleeves done as planned

the pattern is knit flat in stockinette... and i hate switching between purling and knitting - something about my purl technique is really slow

and i also thought it was dumb to add another seam to such a small garment

so i knit the sleeve in the round

and turns out i don't have size 5 double pointed needles.

so i had to use magic loop with a pair of size 5 circulars.

so i traded not having to purl and seam

for constantly shifting stitches on the loop - and when you only have about 30 stitches

that's a lot of shifting.

so it took longer than expected

and coffee was needed.

i should have stuck to decaff

because sleeping was elusive.

but one sleeve down

and one more to go tonight.

i'll save seaming for tomorrow

and i promise


pretty pictures soon.

what projects are you working on?

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