Jan 22, 2013

the perfect knit hat

oh man

excuse my absenteeism

i took yesterday off to clean house

and get the ice maker fixed

except i got a phone call saying they were one repairman short and that my appointment was moved until today

so hopefully we have ice tonight

i did manage to clean behind the fridge.

it had been hoarding lots of dust bunnies

and a pine cone..?

but now it has had its bi-decade cleaning.

don't judge me.

but really there wasn't a lot to recap from the weekend

we washed the edge

 and we made a fabulous dinner

so good in fact

i used leftover ingredients to bake another dish sunday night

and yesterday i stayed in trying to stay warm

i wish i could have done the same today

feels like 4?

4 is an age

not a weather temperature.

i did do something cold weather productive with my time, though

i knit a hat

it was an effort to avoid seaming the baby cardigan which is stressing me (i WILL finish it this week...as soon as i get the courage)

i really don't want to mess up the cardigan, but i know my first ever cardigan won't be my best

and i don't want to rip the seams out over and over again

i just need to sit down in a quiet place

with a glass of wine

and tackle it.

oh, and it's extremely difficult to take a picture of your own head

i'll link to the pattern later if anyone is interested (it was found on ravelry)

super quick knit lace pattern that kept it interesting

knit with patons worsted wool

it kept my noggin warm on the drive in

and it's quite chilly in the office that i'm contemplating putting in back on

anyone else in need of a good hat?

i'm ready to start another.

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