Jan 9, 2013

all gone

do you see it?

tiny hole in my nose where my nose ring used to be

all gone.

i knew it wouldn't be there forever.

and i tried to take it out before the wedding but it hurt to push the stud through my nose.

i was pretty sure i was going to have to have someone cut it out.

i woke up really early this morning with a pain in my nose at the site of the stud.  it felt like a pimple - but no blemish is there

my sinuses have been all crazy and i thought maybe the area was also feeling a little sore from the drainage.

i tried to go back to sleep

but i woke up determined.

determined to get the nose ring out.

i went to the bathroom and with a cotton swab shoved up my nose to push the stud through and my fingers gently twisting and pulling the stud out - it came out with zero tears or blood.

it's gone.

i'm slightly sad

but i knew by the time i hit 30 i didn't want it anymore.

so 3 years before the deadline and i'm parting ways.

it feels really weird to reach up and touch my nose now

i remember when i first got it - going in for a nose scratch in a sleepy state and almost ripping my nostril apart because my finger nail would get caught on it.

goodbye little guy!

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