Jan 24, 2013

let's face it

i treated myself today

let me first tell you

i've had the same skin care regimen since high school

which basically ='s no regimen

i've never had "problem" skin - just...tempermental

in high school i would get a really big zit on my forehead, chin, etc maybe once a month

and it was usually related to my period

back in the day i sometimes used the clinique 3 step skin system

but once i ran out of all the product i really never went back and purchased more

i also went through a phase of buying lots of anti-blemish products

even though my skin didn't really warrant acid face washes and creams

in college i probably used whatever was cheapest at walmart

and i can't really remember ever using anything specific

the past 5 years i've stuck with philosophy's purity

and i've dabbled in moisturizers - but i confess

i don't moisturize usually.

i only wear bare minerals face powder and mascara for my everyday look

with a bit of chapstick...ooh la la

i'm a simplistic girl

but my skin is changing.

i've noticed more wrinkles.

when i took my nose ring out

all i could see were little blackheads - definitely not noticeable until i look closely, but the fact that i know they're there just makes me want to scrub my face all day.

and the past week my skin has been freaking out

probably a little hormonal

maybe a bit from drinking more water/eating more veggies - i'm going to pretend the little broccolies are purging my pores...

i just feel like at the ripe age of 27...i need a skin plan.

and so i went out and bought a clarisonic.

it's definitely the cheapest model, but i didn't think i really needed more than one speed and...a timer?

i also went to target and bought a night cream

i have night cream now.

that just sounds so grown up and old womany

i wasn't even sure what kind to buy - i don't have deep wrinkles.  i'm not trying to look 20 years younger

and i just bought a clarisonic.  i'm not looking to spend $50 on cream.

so, i'll start with basic.

and i also want to try something i've never tried

i remember these being big when i was in high school but i never tried them


i really enjoy weird things like cleaning out my ears and neti pots - so ripping out blackheads is my kind of thursday night.

so i bet you can guess what i'm doing when i get home...

wish me luck!

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