Mar 28, 2013

white hare

oh my dog ya'll

i was plucking my eyebrow last night

and that one weird chin whisker...?  what the fiddle sticks is up with that?

and as i'm looking in the mirror

i can see a shiny white hair at the top of my crown

now, i knew i had a couple white hairs pop up - it hasn't really bothered me

i've even used some of the 28 washes hair color but never kept up with the maintenance

and i think it made my hair too dark for my liking

well, i was curious

after seeing such a stand out hair on top of my head

i parted my hair deep on one side and sifted around

eh, no other white hairs popped out.

i parted my hair deep on the other side

and ya'll

i freaked out a bit

on the right side of my head - parted a few inches below my normal part

i have probably 12-15 very visible white hairs

very visible meaning - i didn't have to lift and look around much

i plucked the strand on my crown out and examined it

much like examining a new species

the hair was white from the root to about half way down

midway to the tip it was brown

my hair color is literally running out.

ya'll i'm going to be white haired before i'm 30!

with chin whiskers apparently.

ya'll i hope you have a blessed easter weekend.

i'll be dying easter eggs and possibly hairs.

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