Apr 1, 2013

weekend roundup

did you have a happy easter?

my 3 day weekend was all about accessories

that make  you wanna pose for silly selfies

i may have bought this scarf because it matched my nails

which i have referred to as looking like a rapper's smile


but to top it all off

flashy rings

and a cat lady bracelet

worn on different days...because...i have some self control.

saturday we celebrated my BIL's birthday!  Matt (on the left) turned a whopping 29!

matt is expecting twins in the next month!  so we bought him a bottle of bourbon and a huge reese's PB easter egg

if i didn't know better - looking at this picture i would never guess they were all brothers

after dinner and cake, bill and i took our accessorizing up a level

i guess we ordered the "special" that night at a new to us bar - and we received these lovely accessories.  i'm thinking these two alone will make for an awesome mr t costume this fall?

on sunday, woodford enjoyed getting dressed up too

if he looks crazy - it's because i'm holding a milk bone and he is far more interested in that than posing

"mom...mom...just...give me the bone.  want the bone.  being so still...please.  bone."

woodford also enjoyed a day at the park this weekend

...checking out the ladies...

and the cat, olivia?

she enjoyed some time without woodford around

as for bill and i

we spent easter at bill's parent's house

with my most favorite accessory


totally an accessory - it went on top of the beans!

here's to the week ahead!

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