Apr 22, 2013

the last bit of vacation

i'm bummed my week off is now over

but i'm thankful to get to relive it this morning and share a few pictures

when i last left off, i had spent some time downtown and visited a few museums

we were outside on the balcony trying to come up with something to do on a thursday

we got dressed and headed out for a bit of

day drinking.

ok, so, we didn't head to the bar....but we did do some wine tasting

and met some new friends

i love how the fact that if you were to go to a bar at 1pm on a wednesday it would be kind of weird and maybe you have a problem

but the second you say "wine tasting" and put your pinky out...day drinking sounds all classy and sophisticated.

but we're not classy and sophisticated people

we came home

and ate pickles out of the jar (it's what the winos do?)

before heading down to the bats's baseball game

it was thirsty thursday after all...

and as you can see, the sun had taken it's toll on us that day - and the wine and beer was just too much

we were tired and hungry and burnt

and someone thought white castle was a good idea

i can tell you now

it was not.  it was a smelly, no good, ill advised idea.

but bill redeemed himself on friday, when he suggested we look for discounted jason aldean concert tickets an hour before the concert started.

and sure enough, we were out the door, downtown, and parked, with a few minutes to spare before Jake Owen opened up for him!

i tried to take pictures...but i just got some bright lights.  it was an excellent concert - with the exception of being in a row with the drunkest, classless, most ignorant hillbillies i've ever seen.  good thing the tickets were discounted!

saturday we laid low

do you remember our tournament bracket wall?

bill finally retired it

and came up with a great idea

a derby themed wall!

bill is actually pretty talented - he can look at a picture and draw it

he designed this wall on his own - i think it looks great! (he also drew a horse later)

i tried to draw a few things myself, but they don't look nearly as good as bill's

i had oaks on the mind - since i will be going again this year

the rest of our weekend was quiet - winding down to prepare for the work week

we grilled out

enjoyed the sun

and soaked up a bit more couch time

it was nice.  staycations are under rated!

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