Apr 12, 2013


oh man guys

it's my last day of work for A WHOLE WEEK

i've already said a hundred and fiteee bajillion times "i'm going to do that while on break"

and what all have i proclaimed i'm going to do?

1.  paint the bathroom
2. tile the backsplash in the kitchen
3. go to tj maxx
4. get my hair cut
5. go to trader joes early in the morning and avoid the crowd
6. clean my bathroom
7. clean out the closet
8. go to the zoo
9. go to a baseball game
10. go to ikea
11. make breakfast every morning (ha)
12. sleep in
13. take woodford to the park
14. make orange juice
15. make curtains for the living room (at least order the fabric....)
16. cook a big dinner
17. finish my book (world war z)
18. spend a whole day without my phone
19. spend a whole day in my jammies
20. have a fancy date night and eat somewhere new
21. go to the farmer's market

ok, so i can easily do some of these things on the same day

and some of these things will take me being actually committed to doing them...and not...

you know... really lazy and proclaim "i'm ON VACATION" every 5 hours.

i'll keep ya updated on my weekend adventures! or...my immense pleasure of sleeping for a whole week.

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