Apr 4, 2013

final four luncheon

is anyone else excited about the final 4 this weekend?

we'll have a few people over to watch the games -

they'll all be UofL fans - i was raised a UK fan - so apart of me is pretty sad

but living in a city where both the women's and men's teams will be in the final four there's no escaping the excitement

even at work

our accounting department loves finding a reason to get together to eat, too

and i am so stuffed!

but we also played several basketball inspired games

this one in particular i made it to the final 4 and was eliminated...

and this beer pong-esq game i dominated for a bit...but got a little too self conscious of my step-bounce shot which everyone laughed at...

and our last game - i pretty much just sucked at

-trying to shoot a small non-bouncy ball into this basket

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