Apr 3, 2013

sa-wing batta batta

it may still be dipping down into the 30's at night

but these warmer days sure are nice

last night we even enjoyed a college baseball game

louisville versus kentucky

i'm proud to say that my wildcats pulled out a win - even though we didn't stay past the 7th inning - we heard on the news the game went into 10 innings.

and tomorrow is the first louisville bats home game!!!!

bill and i always find ourselves at the bats baseball games all summer long - it's a lot cheaper than going to a major league game in cincinnati - and since the bats are the aaa team for the reds - we get to see the up and coming players or the injured current reds players.

sidebar - a couple of years ago i was IN LOVE with a louisville bats player - and was so sad that he got called up to the major league.  but now i get to see him on tv :)

oh zack cozart.  you so cute.

i guess you could say i have a type....

i think of all the seasons...baseball is my favorite :)

and this baseball season/summer could prove to be my favorite yet...

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