Apr 14, 2013

by the numbers

it's nice knowing that today is sunday and i don't have to go to work tomorrow!

so here's a quick run down of our first day of staycation

naps taken?  0.  infinite taken by woodford

beers as large as your head consumed?  1

trips to target thus far?  2.  within 18 hours of each other

grills assembled? 2.

lessons learned? 1 - so far - spend the extra money on the name brand grill so that it actually can be assembled.

oh, and future target trips to take?  at least 1 more.  to return lame grill.

impromptu cookouts? 1.

jugs of lemonade made?  3

number of brothers it takes to make hamburgers and dogs?  3.  plus one dad to supervise

i realize this is the world's tiniest grill with 4 grown men tending it. 

number of babies in womb? 2

future all star t-ball players? 1

someone got new baseball socks!

gifts? 1! 

thanks to the MIL and DIL for the balcony set!  we were thissssss close to buying one at target (on our first trip) and decided to think about it.

mom and dad showed up packing these in last night - which really helped our limited dining situation for guests.

very grateful!

so for 2 days in on vacation i feel like we're making the most of it.

we've got museums, zoo, and home improvements planned - i'll keep you updated!

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