Apr 8, 2013

weekend update

my weekend started out revolving around the color red

delicious red
oh...and louisville red...not quite my favorite, obviously
but i was hosting a few cards fans for the final four - so i decided to decorate accordingly

all the way down to red (sugar) and black (chocolate) cookies

don't worry though

i tried to stay as blue as possible (my jamberry nails that i finally tried out - which i love)

for the game watching i ordered 100 chicken wings from the bbq joint practically next door to me

and so did about 50 other people.

the game was a close one - and lots of yelling, shouting, and weird superstitious cheering took place

like...i don't even know...

woodford was just trying to get some sleep...

sunday bill and i were out bright and early for some BASEBALL!

it was the louisville bat's first home weekend and to celebrate they were giving out calendars of bats and former (now current red's) players
next march is going to be a good month...

we got downtown pretty early in hopes of enjoying a coffee somewhere first - and as we walked by the stadium a couple of guys gave us FREE tickets.

now normally i don't care about free tickets to the bats game - i mean, we get the $7 seats and sit in the outfield and just relax

but these seats were behind home plate

and right next to the bats' dugout

so seeing the players up close was really cool

we lucked out with the weather too - a few clouds, but mostly sunny - which my arms are feeling today

i insisted on a foam finger...

which we were totally mature with...

by the time the game was over and we got home it was 6 o'clock

and woodford's face pretty much sums up how i feel about the weekend flying by...

did you enjoy the warmer weather?  anyone staying up to watch the championship game tonight?

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