Apr 16, 2013

monkeying around

i'm gonna rub it in real quick

i'm so well rested!

i've slept in until about 8:30 the past two mornings and it's been glorious.

or course - come next week this could be a nightmare when i have to get up at 6:30 again.

but of i could make sitting outside with my coffee a normal routine i would be all over that.

so the past 2 days of staycation have looked a little like this

sunny! and warm!  we got pretty red saturday and promptly picked up new sunscreen sunday morning.  am i crazy for buying new sunscreen each season?  bill is pretty fair skinned, and i burn a few times before eventually getting dark, so i'm always afraid that last season's sunscreen will be expired.  we spent about 15 minutes in target looking for one without oxybenzone that wasn't $20.

freshly lathered in sunscreen, we headed to the zoo

i've made it a point in my adult life to head to the zoo once a year.  typically it's in the hot hot summer and i swear all the animals are always sleeping. 

but not sunday!  it was still a bit cool early in the morning and the animals were up, feeding, and active.  definitely felt like i got my money's worth this go around.

this fella came right up to the glass and said hello to me.  like lookin in a mirror...

seeing this big boy run around was my highlight this trip

 or watching this little guy splash around.

we saved our dollars and avoided some sub-par zoo food, and headed down to the highlands for lunch.

where, as we stopped and shopped a bit, we came across this gem

a new kids' on the block comforter!  bill refused to let this go on our bed...but i'm thinking guest room?

i did, however, find some art work for the living room

this 18*24 poster from the 100th kentucky derby of downtown louisville is going to get framed (and matted if i can figure out how)

also, unpictured, we picked up two new wine glasses with fleur de lis on them - i'm sure they'll become useful soon :)

monday was a more relaxed day - we ran some errands, went to trader joes - and at 2 pm on a weekday i can vouch they are as every bit packed as they are on the weekend!

i browsed tj's but we ultimately came for the wine.  not the 2($3) buck chuck, but they carry this red german table wine that i absolutely love - got it and 2 others.

our last stop monday, was to the grocery - we were about to grill our first chicken ever!

i've never grilled, and bill has limited burger and dog grilling...so...it was about to get real.

and i can say that we were 100% successful!  i only seasoned the chicken with a spice rub a tiny shake of salt and the chicken was juicy and flavorful!

i did load up some kabob's with onions and peppers - but we didn't put enough coals on the grill and by the time we put the kabob's on, the heat was fading, and it was taking forever to cook.

lesson learned!

so the plan for today? bill has a teeth cleaning this morning, and i'm in charge of planning the afternoon.

there are a couple of museums we've never been to - in our own city! and a few we haven't been to in awhile.  so i'm about to get times and schedules and plan this all out

i hope to have perfected my lemonade making, too, by the end of this week - trying to reduce the sugar, and or sweeten it with honey for a less glycemic overloaded drink - and share with ya'll!  i can't begin to tell you how much i love juicing lemons.  i'm also bound and determined to make some all purpose cleaner with those lemon rinds - throwing them away seems sop wasteful.

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