Apr 25, 2013

to the max

i'm obsessed with maxi dresses

i've amassed quite a collection since last spring

mainly i wanted a few for key west

something comfortable to wear around that wasn't running shorts and t shirts

and these dresses are incredibly comfortable

you don't necessarily have to shave your legs (sorry bill)

and you can still look pretty chic if you throw together a couple of accessories

but what started out as wanting 2 or 3 different dresses

has turned into...1,2,3,4,5....as of today

i stopped in tj maxx on lunch, in hopes of finding some cute tchotchkes

but immediately drew near the summer dresses...

i wanted to buy 2, but decided at some point i need to wear something other than a maxi dress, and only purchased one

even though, right now i am telling myself i will be back maybe tomorrow to get the other one...

the one i picked up today is a lovely bright teal cynthia rowley dress with thin criss-crossing straps

i'm thinking a bright coral or orange necklace would look really nice with it

 maybe something from lulubelles...

actually...i'm really feeling this one..


if i were to ever be a stay at home/work from home mom - i'm pretty sure i would live in a maxi dress or caftan


rachel zoe

bohemian chic? frumpy? getting dress in 5 seconds?

whatever works!

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