Mar 5, 2013

ode to the chip

so by now, i'm assuming you've ran out and bought all 3 lays potato chip flavors

that is...

if you can find them.

coworkers were able to find the cheesy garlic bread and sriracha

but the elusive chicken and waffles was nowhere to be found

until now!

so yes - it may be quarter end

we may be working our butts off to submit schedules and numbers

but we're also giving in to a few taste tests.

let's compare notes - shall we?

cheesy garlic bread -

my least favorite (actually, none of these were anything i'd ever buy so least favorite is an overstatement)

i think they tasted like straight up butter - cheesy garlic bread works in real life because you have a hunk of bread to absorb all those flavors - on a chip it just tastes extra greasy and fatty.  no thank you.

sriracha -

i was mildly excited about this one.  i've never bought the "rooster sauce" and doused it on my food the way many have embraced the spicy flavor - i don't like overly spicy foods - but i LOVE adding red pepper flakes to different dishes - so i was thinking this one might work well

eh...the first bite was pretty good, a good amount of heat, the flavor was pretty good - but then there was this horrible aftertaste.  i then expressed that i may never buy rooster sauce if this is what it tastes like - but i was assured that sriracha is much much better.  out of all three - this is the only flavor i MIGHT try again, and eat a handful.  but probably not.


chicken and waffles -

i'm assuming that this was the most coveted flavor - i know i was most excited about it, and based on its availability i'm going to assume it was everyone elses.  which also means it's the one i was most disappointed with.  my high hopes were smashed this morning when i tried it.  it just tasted like fake maple syrup.  and then had a ramen noodle-esque after taste.  although, my friend kim started munching on a handful and claimed they weren't that bad - upon further prodding she said she would never buy them, but since we have a couple bags here at work, she'd eat them - so...semi win?  actually i might eat a handful of this flavor too - maybe even mix the chicken and waffles with the sriracha?

so the winner in my book?

 oh man!  where'd this bad boy come from?!

it's a write in!  i'm not sure where herr's distributes to, since i don't really see this brand in louisville grocers, but it's been spotted in southern indiana (where i work)

and seriously, this chip is good!  it's basically a smokey ketchup/mustard flavor.  i would buy these chips if i could find them - and they far outweigh any of the new lay's flavors.

i'm sure right now lay's is loving this marketing campaign - heck - we have several bags floating around the office - but i can't imagine any of those flavors will be hot sellers after the promotion is over with.  

have you tried the new flavors?  what did you think?

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