Mar 16, 2013

weekend projects

we've been busy!

ok.  not all of us...

and by busy, i mean we had some fun too

i mean, our idea of fun includes a quart of paint.

but busy none the less

and sweaty

it kind of looks like bill is my work horse, but i swear i helped

i'm looking forward to drawing woodford's "bar" area - this is where his bed stays

and bill can't wait to get the ncaa basketball tournament brackets up on the wall...

i have a few other creative ideas to draw on the wall, but the paint probably needs to continue to dry until at least tomorrow.

we're headed out soon to pick up some paint chips to figure out what color to paint the rest of the room ( a task for another weekend)

i hope you're enjoying this gorgeous weather and are getting some projects knocked out!  i CANNOT wait until may to get some veggies out on my patio - and so many other spring projects!

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