Mar 11, 2013

sicky icky icky

i take pride in the fact i never get sick


i take twice a day

and i always remember my gummy vitamins

they're delicious.

but i started to feel chills saturday night

i took some b-vitamins, drank a few bottles of water

and decided i was just tired.

i was obviously tired this morning - time change, dark, rainy, sleepless night

but i was feeling so achy at work

and warm

to the point it felt like my eyes were on fire

i busted my butt to get some quarter end schedules done in case tomorrow, work wasn't happening.

by 3 pm i was pretty sure i was about to fall face first into my keyboard

and at 4pm i was allowed to head home ( i guess i was allowed at any time, but i felt like i had put in a semi full day by this point)

i made a stop at kroger's for cold/flu essentials and was craving wonton soup - which has to be some sort of natural remedy.

came home to take my temperature

annnnnd i have a fever.


and that juice? so so ginger-y

which i'm not used to.

i'm just going to pretend it's fighting the sickness as i drink.

i have set up camp on the couch

and don't plan on moving for the next few hours.

please let sleep happen.  or good tv

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