Mar 7, 2013

running late

thanks to everyone who read my animal adoption story and my plea to raise money for the kentucky humane society

if you missed it you can check it out here

and you can donate or sign up to walk/run here

i failed to mention for those of you interested in participating in the run/walk

all the information can be found on the KHS website - but the event will be held

may 18th (saturday) at tom sawyer park

it's a 5k - and i've been to tom sawyer park many times - and the trails and jogging paths are mostly flat

from the email i received upon registering there will be many family friendly activities including a dunk booth, tie dye, food trucks, various vendor booths and games - so if you don't feel up to walking or jogging - plan on coming out for some more relaxing fun!

and if you need some more motivation to donate to animal causes and feel all lovey dovey this morning 

you can read this story of a cat lady who has dedicated her time to finding homes for shelter cats.  as much as i love dogs, i will always have a soft spot in my heart for cats.


on to more routine things

i completed my couch to 5k "run" last night (week 5 day 2)

i've noticed my shins start to ache around the 1 mile point - but i've been pushing through and i've noticed that after about another quarter mile i feel completely fine.

what's up with that? 

this morning i was running SUPER late - the bed was just so dang cozy and warm-

but my lovely husband packed my lunch, made me a big cup of coffee, and helped me get my breakfast together

as i was trying to fix my hair and put my mascara on i was already prepared to go out on lunch as the clock was ticking past the minute i should be headed out the door

i've been trying to watch what i eat at lunch - and subway is usually my safest option if i MUST go out - but something about their bread hurts my tummy - so i was relieved to have a nice bed of greens topped with chicken packed for me!

oh, and for breakfast

this lovely dipping station.  yum!

what is your go-to healthy lunch take-out?

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