Mar 21, 2013

curtain shopping

happy first day of bracket busting!

the partially completed bracket wall...

so sad i don't have a horse in the race this year

but my wildcats will be back next year!

until then - i'll just have to settle for some fun upsets!

are you tired of seeing my chalkboard wall?  i can't help it, it's just so much fun.

besides picking out a backsplash for the kitchen, i'm also trying to decide on drapes for the living room

i absolutely hate blinds...and would rather just take them down altogether and put up drapes over these doors (the one on the right is a faux door)

i was reading some young house love for inspiration and liked their tutorial on easy curtains

so i was thinking i could duplicate this in my living room - spend the same amount of money i would on premade curtains - but actually find a pattern i am in love with - instead of just likesies.

my first pick: waverly fabric in "one wish mint julep"

i am in absolutely love with this pattern

here it is in a pillow

and in curtains

i love love love it.  i'm planning to search our local fabric shops for a swatch of it

or i may just break down and order a swatch.  i really wanted to pull in some greens and tie back to the peacock color on my other wall

my other choice

waverly fabric in color wheel capri

much busier - but i like the added shades of blue that would help the room not look so matchy matchy and add a bit more to the pallette

my last, may be too safe, and perhaps not close enough in shade of blue, choice is

i do like the chevron, but i'm also worried it's a bit too "fad" of a pattern.

if i can get out this weekend to find a few swatches - i may have curtains up by sunday!

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