Mar 14, 2013

on the needles

i've taken 3 days off from running/exercise in order to get to feeling better

i probably should have ran last night

but bill was able to take off early

and the wind was unbearably cold

so, i took his advice and sat last night out so we could spend some time together and i could feel 100% back to normal.

but tonight - it's on!  i'm kicking up some pavement tonight!

the chillier weather did provide me with a good excuse to break this back out

oh hi there little knitting buddy!

and yeah, i'm still wearing chirstmas pj's - they are warm!

woodford wasn't too impressed, but

while i was over at kim and nick's house this past weekend with our friends sarah and jeff - they were commenting on my knitting skills - and it made me realize i should keep up my projects and do some more gift knitting.

the baby hat i made a month ago ended up being too small for the TODDLER it was for.  i really have no idea the sizes of babies...but since the hat is for next winter, i have time to redeem myself

and the hat on the needles - is for dana who requested one in navy - i swear that yarn is navy in person even if it may look indigo on your screen

and i'm 85% sure this one will fit because i have a pretty good idea of the size of adult least my own.  lord, i hope i don't have a freakishly big head or this one may not fit either...

 the pattern is the same as the red hat i knit myself - a very pretty, lacy pattern

this hat should be completed tonight - and ready to send to it's recipient.

i never know how people will feel about getting a hand knit gift - if they think it's horribly ugly, too old school, or feel pressured to wear i usually get too nervous to make anyone anything

but hearing my friends talk about liking something hand knit, has peeked my interest again, and once this hat is off the needles, i may make a couple more for sarah and kim

how do you feel about homemade gifts?

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