Mar 4, 2013

weekend exercise

i slightly dropped the ball on my 40 day running challenge.

i didn't get my runs in friday, saturday, or sunday

friday night i was stuck in traffic, and it was cold and dark out when i got home, saturday was pretty busy, and sunday i never made the time to go outside to run

but i didn't skip out completely on exercising.

i bumped up my goal on my nike fuel band early last week - to motivate myself to bump up my mileage and accommodate the extra time i'd be exercising for the couch to 5k program.

and not wanting to break my goal streak (i believe i'm on a 10 day streak)- or my commitment to running -

i broke out the wii - just dance 4

and danced my booty off - typically for 25+ minutes of straight dancing!

and it was so much fun.

i sweated a lot

i was tired

it was a good workout - it was probably more of a workout than i would have gotten out of only running 1 mile.

part of the reason i challenged myself to run for 40 days straight was to get my pep back

to run happy, and love it again

and part of that challenge is not to get so down on myself when a planned run doesn't happen.

not to throw in the towel when one run - or 3 - doesn't happen.

i'm the only one who has to hold myself accountable

so there's no reason to beat myself up over missed runs.

but it's important to me that i also didn't just give up and call the weekend a loss, and start back on monday.

i got my cardio in - did a bit of cross training

and i had fun

i'm going to count those days as successes in my book

because it's my challenge and i can change the rules :)

and also, it's important for me to remember not to stress when plans - running or other - get changed

make the most of it, do what you can, make healthy choices, and move on!

tomorrow is another day and another chance

and today i WILL be out on the asphalt

week 5 day 1 of the couch to 5k WILL happen.

just as it's important to modify and bend when needed - it's important to stay focused on the end goal - get back up and continue on!

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