Mar 18, 2013

painting fool

i was quite ambitious this weekend

it all started friday night

when we painted a chalk wall

which turned out to be a lot of fun

and bill and i illustrated our team spirit
 before illustrating woodford's thoughts

painting one wall had inspired me to finish the rest of the room - a task we were saving for a week we had taken off together in april.

so i was motivated to finally choose a color

which i've struggled with in the past

we stopped in sherwin williams and picked out probably 10 different paint chips to sit and think on.

sunday morning we had volunteered to help bill's brother and his wife - who are pregnant with TWINS! - paint their nursery.

i called upon the starbucks gods with a venti skinny caramel macchiato

with espresso coursing through my veins, and 5 of us painting, we knocked out the nursery in no time.

but i as still pumped up to do some more painting

actually i was on a caffeine high

it took just a bit of convincing

but bill got on board with coming home to paint.

out of all our samples, there was a clear winner of what would look best

sherwin williams "jogging path" 

holding the chip up alone, it cast a more beigey tone

but up next to our "peacock plume" wall it looked more grey

and searching the internet for rooms painted in this color - it looked like the shade of grey we were hoping for

it was perfect - so i went ahead and bought 2 gallons of paint

sherwin williams is running an excellent sale through the end of this week - 30% off your total purchase, plus, if you search the internet you can find a $10 off $50 purchase coupon

we came home and moved the furniture out of the way and started instantly.

ok, actually we popped a couple of beers and i threw together a pot of chili...but "instantly" after that

i always get nervous with the first few brush strokes

but after i painted a large area i knew i loved it.  our previous color was starting to look really orangey/yellow and i was over it.

it was hard to get a true picture of the color since it was dark and rainy out and all of our lights were on in the house - it kind of mutes the color

but you can get more of a feel for it in the corner - especially butted up next to the peacock color

the "jogging path" is a very calming color, and i'm thinking of doing the bathroom in the same color

you can see our stopping point above - we were getting tired, and the dining room/kitchen had lots of things that needed pulled out.  we also are saving the edging on the ceiling for next time since it will require a ladder.

this morning i kind of just stared at the walls for a minute - it feels so much brighter and calming now.

we haven't even finished painting this project (hopefully it will get done this weekend) and i'm already planning our next!  (backsplash, bathroom, and office re-do)

maybe i'll get my camera out and try and take better pictures of our new wall color - until then i'm going to browse some bathroom ideas

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