Mar 11, 2013

instagram sunday

i'm sneezing

i'm tired

i woke up to dark, rainy skies

this time change has really messed me up.

i guess it's not fair to blame the sneezing on the time change

but i do what i want.

and besides feeling like i slept the day away sunday (even though i was up at 9 am...)

i did enjoy a warmish weekend.

and because i feel like a grumposaurus

here's, basically, my instagram feed from the weekend

what i wouldn't give to be laying on that floor cuddled up with my pup right now

or having a cool ranch dorritos taco for lunch.  or anything for lunch.  i didn't have time to make my lunch...which is only going to add to my grumpiness...

spent some time browsing $20 watering cans and old shutters. but seriously - $20 watering cans? i believe macklemore has single-handedly jacked up the prices at thrift stores.

this should surely be included in your pinterest inspired nursery...

and you can never have too many bills... (bill, my husband, holding billy beer, wearing a bills t shirt, oh, and he's a bill collector to boot!)

it wasn't until 1 ish when i realized i hadn't had any caffeine.  at which point it had to be iced - hot coffee mid-day just doesn't sit well with me.

and actually, nothing was sitting well with me - i had started to get chills saturday night, and sunday i felt off

we came back home, and despite feeling a little sick, i didn't want to waste the warm weather

so we biked

albeit, we biked around our neighborhood and nearby and not like on a 30 mile trail or something... and wound up at a biker bar

no one asked us about our sweet rides...

after a couple of these we rode back home

cut out coupons, and tried to deny this sweet face some pizza.

we called it a night with an episode of the walking dead

which, by the way, ugh - come on - that was the longest drawn out episode where nothing happened.

i feel like the previews for the week are more exciting than the actual episodes anymore.

and the sex scene...ugh...

i totally felt like that time i watched forest gump with my mom (i had to be like 8) and jenny has her boobies out and is trying to get forest to feel her up

when glen and maggie go at it - so so awkward.  i really wanted a zombie to interrupt them (maggie and glen, not forest and jenny)

but a zombie didn't...and we just get a very vivid shot of maggie and glen having makeup sex.

and i laughed nervously and pretended to be distracted by the dog. 

the end

i'm going to petition to get the time change to happen on a friday night. 

that way we have a weekend to adjust.

the end, for real.

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