Mar 27, 2013

oh toot!

it's hump day

but in reality it's my thursday

my brain is frazzled from filling out manufacturing census reports all morning

so instead of trying to think of something clever let's visit some of my favorite stories of the morning

1.  bill alerted me to this one - my favorite NBC news anchor, and girl crush, jenna wolfe is 5 months pregnant with girlfriend stephanie gosk - i didn't even know the two nbc anchors were together.  and now i'm bummed that i can't have an awesome baby with jenna wolfe.

2.  i'm proud to live in louisville - i've struggled finding happiness at times but all in all i think louisville is such a great city.  and as of recently, our mayor has introduced a sustainability plan I haven't read all 42 pages yet, and perhaps it's my berea college liberal education roots, but i'm really excited for forward thinking, and being proactive.

3.  there's a lot of tooting going on at our house when it's just bill and i.  i like to think it's because we eat quite a healthy diet of beans, salads, cabbage, and broccoli.  do you smell me?  er..hear me?  uhm that last one wasn't an intentional pun...but what the toot...let's keep it.  there's an article over on jezebel about women's farts smelling worse than men's - my reply? no.  no they don't.  come over sometime on bean chili day.  also? my favorite fart word is definitely "pooter" as in "did you just pooter?"

ok, that's all i've got today.  what's your favorite word for flatulence? 

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