Mar 22, 2013

sick husband

happy friday!

are your brackets still holding up?

bill spent yesterday watching basketball over at a friend's house

when i went to watch the louisville game with them i discovered they had quite the dramatic set up

plus another game going on the computer...

i then discovered bill had no voice...and had fallen victim to laryngitis

luckily he has today and tomorrow off (he took off, solely for basketball watching)

but he's now stuck at home, sick - laryngitis with lots of mucus sickies

and all i can think about are my walls getting painted :)

just kidding.

but seriously, bill, get better soon so we can move all the furniture back.

our weekend plans are kind of resting on how bill feels

but i'm pretty pumped about a few home projects (curtains, hanging shelves, finishing the paint job, a couple art DIY projects)

and maybe with the cold weather sticking around - a chance to get some home cooking in

i hope you're starting your weekend on a healthy foot and can't wait to share what we get into come monday

actually, i can wait.  here's to a never ending weekend!

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