Aug 1, 2012

olympic facade

while our house has been focused on olympic coverage 110%

it's only a mere distraction until football season.

and while i would say i'm a fairly supportive soon-to-be football fanatic wife

i'm dreading sept 5th.  actually next thursday when pre-season play begins.  it's all the same.

i love the occasional football game.

i can deal with 4 hours devoted to watching A GAME on sunday.

but do we really need to watch thursday night, sunday ALL DAY, and monday night?

yes.  apparently we do.

and i'm quick to remind bill of this fact when he asks why we need to watch real housewives of oc, new york, and jersey.

give and take. 

but because football season is already breathing down my neck

my sweetie thought it would be nice if i watched the bills rally to a mediocre year in style.

bill didn't know who this player was - but i'm pretty sure it's don draper

i guess "style" is a bit strong.

yes.  i am now the proud owner of a pair of zubaz.

matching toe nails just a coincidence

i can already see many trips to kroger for beer and alcohol, along with snacks being made while wearing these.

but don't worry, i mean i'm in good style company..

check this guy out.  i don't have a tiger shirt - but for non-game days i might need to invest in one.  and a fanny pack since i know i don't have a purse that would quite pull this look together.

and dan marino is practically a style and football icon. 

i may never be a die hard buffalo bills fan

but dagonit.

i'm going to do my best to look the part. 

all out of love.

love of the real housewives franchise. :)

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