Aug 15, 2012

titles and nicknames

i had a fun run last night with mister woodford

i love running with woodford, but he can be quite stubborn.  when he's tired he gives no prior notice and pretty much just stops at your feet to lay down.

message taken.

two ladies passing by commented on how pretty woodford was and that her sister has brittany spaniels.  she said her sister always sees my husband out walking ours and that he is so calm and doesn't pull.

first of all - woodford doesn't pull because we walk/run him for FOREVER to get his ya-yas out.  otherwise.  he's completely crazy.

second.  HUSBAND.  i think i blushed a bit when she said that.  we won't be married for another 73 days, and i really haven't given it much thought that bill will be my HUSBAND.  it just sounds weird.  i never know what to call him.  i mean, we're engaged, but fiance sounds weird.  and boyfriend isn't right either.

formal titles sound so weird to me.  husband.  wife.  can we just call each other spouse? ha. :)  mom and dad come pretty natural though since that's what we refer to each other around woodford.

do other people have a hard time adjusting to husband and wife?

bill is known to close family and friends as billy.  but since i've known him i've called him bill.  it sounds so weird to hear other people refer to him as billy - it's like they're talking about another person.  i've always gone by rachel.  rarely someone calls me rach.  and i like that.  it's simple.

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  1. When we go to Madisonville, my husband John is called Allan because his dad it John. We have been married four years and it still throws me off. And the whole adjusting thing...titles are weird. John and I lived together before we got married, so it was like we were husband and wife before the wedding. I never really thought about it until now though. I guess I never really say "my husband" a lot in conversation. Hmmmm....