Aug 6, 2012

monday again.

i had big plans to head to the big yardsale that stretches down i-127

but the weather had other plans.

my aunt met me at 7 am to head out towards frankfort, and once we started pulling in to some of the stops along the road we quickly discovered we would be wading through mud pits.  the area along the route had received lots of rain and storms - while we got nothing just 20-30 minutes west.

i had flip flops on.

so what are two women to do


we continued on to lexington to stop in a few of our favorite stores - including home goods - sans mud pits.

so excited we will be getting a home goods in louisville!

i had a few items that i wanted for the house, but only ended up getting a rug for the kitchen.

we lunched at pf changs - which i've never been too - then called it a day and headed back home.

i was home before bill was off work, so i lounged around with woodford pup.

we hadn't been to the store in a little while and had ran out of peanut butter.  it's about the only thing that consoles our baby dog child when we leave.  so baby dog worked on cleaning the container.

sunday was spent buying peanut butter and other necessities for the week/month.  i love sams club and have been trying to do better at packing my lunches - so mass quantities of string cheese and peanut butter crackers were purchased.  along with lunch meat and loaves of bread.

but not before completing a drizzly 7 miler.

i recommend removing any mascara from the previous day.

i forgot to update daily mile - will need to do that tonight!  i somehow missed a 5 miler last week with the rain/heat/poor planning.  i may try to make it up today.


nothing was really accomplished this weekend, but lots of hugs, family time, dog time, and couch time.

and that's probably just what i needed.

i hope you got just what you  needed this weekend too.

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